Child Abuse

My topic of interest/ concern is child abuse.  As a child I remember several anti-abuse campaigns being brought to my attention along with the drumming in of toll free numbers I could call if I ever needed to speak to someone about abuse.

While any anti-abuse efforts must be applauded – these campaigns did very little to address a nationwide, multi-cultural epidemic.  A recent report in South Africa has revealed that child abuse cases have doubled since the beginning of 2017 and that this might only be the tip of the iceberg as many cases have gone unreported (Ngcakani).

Even more unsettling is the rise of abused children becoming perpetrators of abuse toward other children. Reports suggest that there are over 15 000 victims of child abuse each year. (SABC)

One shudders to think what the actual statistics might be when considering the that many abused children accept abuse and are made to  see it as a normal part of life, or even worse, a means of shaping them into the kind of person they’ll need to be in order to survive in Africa.


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