Working on this project has opened my eyes to countless issues that the world faces from environmental to fashion concerns back to basic human rights, all equally important and dire in need of actionable resolves.  I’ve learned that people are engaging with these issues, even though they differ within and between communities, cities and countries, they find a primary source of hope in that they can communicate above it all via various visual media.  A community of visual activists standing up for and with each other to right wrongs and reset global mindsets to create the better world we all need and long for.

I’ve discovered that a visual culture that is alive and virile, permeating through every aspect of life is one that one that we actively engage with, respond to and reshape, learning to better express our unique perspectives to gain the abilities needed to responsibly and effectively stoke the fires of change. Whether in response to injustices or triumphs, making our marks and having our say keeps global issues in the eyes and ears of the global community.

Through my research I’ve also gained a deeper understanding of the concerns raised by both advocates and critics of the physical correction or, spanking of children.  I did not expect to find level headed and sincere advocates that would make compelling cases for their arguments.  Equally surprising was the lack of expected biblical references, although I remain convinced that a biblical heritage has a part to play in the widespread epidemic that is child abuse, I feel as if there is a lot more a play.  As a point of further study, I would like to carry out further research on the relationships between the crime and spanking statistics over the past several decades to see if there might be any correlations.

The aspect of project that I’ve enjoyed the most is being able to physically relate what I’m researching back to my own interests and discipline.  Being given the opportunity to work in familiar environment with the unfamiliar aspects of this project has made a greater portion of this course accessible and in turn, enjoyable.  It was a thrill to be able to use known materials and machinery to design and create something that I would not have otherwise thought to create.


Final Creative Work:


Shh, Let’s Not Talk About It. Personal Photograph by author, 1 Jun 2017.



Works Cited

Shh, Let’s Not Talk About It. Personal Photograph by author, 1 Jun 2017.


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